10 Ways to Make Any Home Look Custom

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For most of us, the past two years have ushered in a strong desire to update and optimize our living spaces or search for new ones. If you’re hoping to embark on a home renovation or home build in the near future, here are 10 ways to make your home look and feel a bit more “custom.”

Custom Built-Ins

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Custom built-in cabinetry is a beautiful (and functional!) go-to when upgrading or designing your new home. A talented trim carpenter with experience in custom home building can build bookshelves, TV cabinetry, desks, closets, a butler’s pantry, etc. that perfectly fit your space and add a custom feel to your home. The most common spaces that our homeowners often opt for a large, custom built-in piece in is their living room, study, and game room.

Updated Staircase

Oftentimes, the staircase is situated prominently in a home, which makes it especially primed for a high-impact upgrade. Instead of the standard staircase, consider building into the design or updating yours with a fresh railing, new coat of stain or paint, trimmed or tiled risers, or a unique runner. If you’re looking for an even more dramatic look, consider adding trim detailing and a rich color to your stair hall.

Consistent Trim

Peruse inspiration photos to determine what style of trim you like, then bring your prepared inspo into a design meeting or home store to update all of your baseboards, crown molding, and door/window trim to match. Updating ALL of this trim detailing in your home will appear as though it was designed and built custom rather than “builder-basic” or even semi-custom.

Solid-Core Interior Doors

Replace your hollow core doors with 1.75-inch solid core doors or request these during your initial design meetings. Not only do they have a weightier, higher-quality feel to them, but you can also customize the paneling to better match your updated style. While you’re at it, be sure to upgrade your door hardware as well to achieve the overall custom look!

Wall Detailing

home, update home, home progress, custom home, bedroom, theme wall, accent wall, home design, customizing home

Infusing your own personal taste and desired aesthetic into your home goes a long way towards giving it a custom look and feel. Injecting your personality into the design of your walls through custom paneling, plaster, fresh wallpaper, or unique paint colors are all great ways to customize your walls. Premium home builders have a knack for bringing individual personality into each home they build starting in the design studio. Say goodbye to standard beige!

Ceiling Detailing

Along the same vein as wall detailing, ceiling detailing can enhance the custom feel of your home or revamp a flat design. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a huge or expensive undertaking. Consider adding solid or boxed beams, tongue & groove paneling, unique trim detailing, or a paint color that complements your walls. When combined with other design elements in a few key spaces, ceiling detailing can help create a cohesive, custom design where it matters most.

Updated Bathrooms

Unlike the previous couple of ideas, this suggestion isn’t very easy OR inexpensive. BUT it is often very worth it! If the layout of your bathrooms already functions well, then focus on just updating the finishes (lighting, cabinetry/storage, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and tile). Fortunately, there is a wide variety of good-looking finish selection options out there that won’t break the bank. Just be sure that the overall design for each bathroom is fresh and cohesive before investing the time and money required for this update. New home builds often come with fresh and updated bathrooms but we recommend taking the time to pick out the perfect lighting, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures and flooring. If you are on a budget consider reading our guide on where to splurge or save on plumbing fixtures.

Floor Inlays

Incorporating an inlay in your flooring is typically an item that you tack on to a larger renovation or initial home build. It’s rarely done as a stand-alone project. Working an inlaid design into a foyer, hallway, or room helps with defining a space, transitioning from one space to another, or simply making a design statement in the home. Floor inlays create a unique and custom feel in new or remodeled homes.

Update your Lighting

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Lighting can be overlooked in production or semi-custom homes so take the time to review all of your options during the design phase of building. Beyond the regular mix of recessed cans and basic hanging fixtures, there is so much to consider when creating a renovation lighting plan for your home. Thinking about your specific lighting preferences is a good place to start: Do you prefer warmer or cooler light? Overhead lighting (recessed can lights) or indirect lighting (lamp lighting, directional wall lighting)? Pendants, chandeliers or sconces? Other options like a lighting control system, dimmer switches, or art wall lighting can also create a truly custom lighting plan for your home.

Updated Kitchens

Updating your kitchen is arguably the most important item on this list in any renovation. Without renovating your kitchen, other updates you make won’t really elevate your home to a truly “custom” look or feel. Be sure to update your kitchen to enhance both form and function, making sure that it works well for your family’s daily life AND that it reflects your personal style in a current, cohesive way. Quality home builders put emphasis on the kitchen design and layout. The kitchen is the most highly trafficked space in a home and when personalized will tie your home together to create the atmosphere you are looking for.

Build a Custom Home

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We hope this article has helped get your creative juices flowing whether you are looking to build a custom home or remodel your current home! A few strategic choices as you embark on a home building or renovation journey can help elevate your home to achieve a truly custom look and feel. If you are ready to start looking at design options or tour a model home for further inspiration please call us at 435-228-4702 or fill out the form below.

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