10 Ways to Update Your Space for the New Year - Pinterest Edition

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What better way to start off the New Year than to update your home in one way or another! It always feels great to add something new, remodel, or spruce up parts of your home, so we've found a few ideas from one of our favorite apps for inspiration, Pinterest. Enjoy these tips and tricks to make your home feel fresh and ready for the new year! P.S. they're simple ideas and won't take much time.

The black light fixtures, faucet, piping, all make a beautiful contrast against the blue tile and marble vanity in this bathroom. If your master bathroom or guest bath needs a refresh, find black fixtures to replace what you currently have. We've been seeing round mirrors trend on Pinterest and are here for it! This will instantly modernize your bathroom.

If you're going for a modern bohemian vibe to your living space, hanging up weave baskets in a variety of sorts on a feature wall like this one works wonders! It adds texture and detail to an otherwise empty wall. Add other earthy textures and colors by including woven baskets, poufs, pillows, or plants into the space as well.

If you're bored of your muted and plain master bedroom, you can purchase new bedding in light shades to brighten up your space and create contrast by painting your floors a dark shade. The boldness of this idea creates a modern and relaxing bedroom, which also looks luxurious and expensive.

Create a seating area around your fireplace during the cold season with poufs. This designs the perfect spot to chat with a friend or loved one while keeping warm and sipping on some hot chocolate. Paint your fireplace mantle white for a fresh update and decorate with simple, neutral decor such as candlesticks, pictures, plants, and vases.

You'd be surprised what a coat of paint in a different color will do to change up a room. If you're thinking of switching up your master bedroom, paint it a shade that's neutral enough to not interfere with your current decor and furniture, such as a light gray like this room, blue, or tan. These shades bring a serene feel into your room that'll help ease your stress after a long day.

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There's nothing more eye-catching and impressive to a bathroom than a unique tile floor. We're loving this geometric, mid-century modern tile in this earthy toned bathroom. Pick a tile that speaks to you and one you can imagine liking most in your own bathroom, because the last thing you want is choosing one you think is cool, but feel as if it doesn't match your style and overall aesthetic.

Make a statement in your kitchen by swapping out your current light fixtures for some bolder ones like these in this photo. The black light fixtures look stunning in an all white kitchen and pop! They also provide plenty of light since they're bigger, so you'll never be sitting in the dark while having your midnight snack.

Give your mudroom a moody feel by painting a wall, integrating a dark bench, or adding tile in a dark wash. Make it also feel welcoming through adding plenty of plants to the room, soft textures like pillows, and wood tones for an outdoorsy appeal.

A cutesy laundry goes a long way in making it a happier place to be when doing your laundry. Do you dread doing your weekly laundry? Make it a brighter place so you'll be in a more cheerful mood by including plants, pots, decor, and weave baskets in bright colors. Make the room as light and bright as you can.

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Adding a gallery wall to your dining room is a different take from the traditional, expected gallery wall to your living room or entryway. That's why it'll be a fun and unexpected addition to your dining room. Keep it simple by choosing same-sized frames and black and white photos to not overwhelm your space.

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