3 Halloween Home Decor Ideas

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We've been sharing a few Halloween decor tips and tricks on our Instagram and now we'll be breaking down each one here on the blog.

Onto week 2, we had a Utah mom who loves decor show us how she styled her entry table for Halloween and we designed a few fun ways to decorate the inside of your home for this holiday, from adding DIY Jack-o'-lantern candles to styling your fireplace mantel. Visit our Instagram to view them or see below and discover the details on how you can turn your home into a Halloween dream!

DIY Jack-O-Lantern Candle

As you can see, these DIY Jack-o'-lantern candles are perfect for the paint lover but is easy enough for those who aren't as savvy with paint. Find the supplies needed and paint away! Make sure to have a variety of paintbrushes so that you're able to design the eyes and mouth of the face easily.

Items you'll need:


Mix a bit of baking soda into your paint if you'd like a bit of texture added to the candles. Paint the entire candle orange and let dry. Once dry, take a smaller brush and dip it into black paint to create the face. Refer to our video or make a Jack-o'-lantern face of your choice! Have fun with it. This can become a fun activity for you and your family or friends to do in preparation for Halloween.

Neutral Fireplace Mantel Decor

If you're someone who prefers to stick with neutral holiday decor because it's basically foolproof and will match nearly any interior design already in your home, this Halloween mantel decor will work beautifully. Mixing the bat trend with classic elements from pumpkins to candlesticks makes your home look modern and quite cute. The trick is to pick elements that symbolize Halloween in neutral shades, such as bats and cream pumpkins.

Items you'll need:


Place all your items in a pile to see everything you plan on organizing on the mantel. Situate a pumpkin or two next to a larger vase, candlesticks next to a smaller item, etc. Remember mixing color, height, and texture to create variety in the whole design. Tape bats to look as if they're coming out of the fireplace. Design your mantel to the desired look. Take a picture and send it to us on Instagram!

Entryway Decor

Watch the video above to see how Dësi, @desirreejasmin, a Utah mom and design enthusiast, creates a Halloween entryway with her own DIY bats and simple decor. Replicate it to your liking if you also have an entry table and love this look. We love how she integrated orange subtly with the orange candlesticks. Looks sophisticated and lovely for a Halloween-themed entry. 

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