6 Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

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You just purchased a new home and you can hardly wait to move in and make it yours, but how will you furnish it? Furnishing a new home can be a fun new adventure or leave you stressed out but not to worry we are here to help. We have put together the best tips for making your dream home look and feel put together and comfortable.

Tip 1: Find Your Vision

We recommend starting with a vision board! Collect photos and designs that inspire you, browse through designers you love on Instagram or utilize Pinterest as a tool to curate the look you want. Decide if you want to bring warm or cool tones into the home and whether you want a vibrant color scheme or more neutrals. If you find yourself struggling with color, consider staying neutral with paints, window treatments and art but add your color with pillows and throws. Switching out these items is much simpler down the road than repainting!

Tip 2: Blend Old with New
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Do you plan on bringing furniture from your previous home with you but also looking to purchase new pieces? If so, make sure you are purchasing items that coordinate with any stained furniture you plan to bring to tie the room together. Let's say you are bringing a few beautiful walnut wood pieces to your new home, instead of buying more walnut that could be close in color but potentially different we recommend introducing an accent color. A complementary accent piece of furniture will contrast the stain and add depth to the design of a room.

Tip 3: Incorporate Local Touches

Where you live can also be a major factor in your color palette and your style. For example, if you are living in Utah you may want to stick to earthy tones to give you a cozy feeling during winter but cool and airy vibe during summer but if you are living in Florida you may opt for bright tones and light furniture to enhance the tropical environment that surrounds you. Along with color palettes, consider shopping local for one of a kind pieces of art designed by artists who were inspired by the surrounding areas beauty!

Tip 4: Splurge and Save
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When looking at your overall furnishing budget, focus on your main pieces first for splurge items: media center, dining table, couches, coffee table, etc. These are the pieces you’ll want to invest in. Fill in the other pieces in the room with end tables, lamps, throw pillows, and other pieces from more cost-effective retailers, as you may want to switch them out seasonally.

Tip 5: Scale it Up

Do you have a space in your new home that feels small? Not to worry! A tip for space planning is buying the largest rug a room can hold to trick the eye that the space is larger than it appears. In general, scale is a huge factor when it comes to design. If you are struggling in this department, place items similar in height or depth in the space to get a visual before purchasing. Another tip for making a space feel larger is incorporating trendy mirrors.

Tip 6: Get Picky with Lighting

Lighting is very important in a home so if you don’t have the desired amount of recess lights in each space, considering adding in pieces to light up the space. Incorporate floor lamps or accent lighting to create a cozier environment while also adding in fun design aspects.

Make it Feel Like Home

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Remember that it is ok to take your time when furnishing your new home! Try not to feel pressured to buy every piece you need to fill your home right away, you may end up settling for pieces you aren’t completely happy with. There is something very special about collecting pieces over time with a loved one or on trips as a memento, and using those special pieces to create memories and a look you love within your home. Need help designing your home or looking for some inspiration? Check out our Galleries and Product Catalogs to get started or reach out to us at (435) 228-4702.