Best Home Hacks

home hacks

From Decor to Organization

As your trusted home builders in Logan, Utah, we understand that running a home is just as stressful as running a business. Only the work you do in your home doesn’t replenish your bank account. Sometimes it can feel as if the to-do-lists can be never ending. That’s why we have come up with this list of home hacks for every room of the home to make your job as a homeowner a little easier.

The Bathroom

Storing your towels can be a bit of a hassle. To hang them on rack would look tacky, but storing them under the sink takes up too much space. For elegant and convenient storage hang a wine rack on the bathroom wall. Then roll the towels up and place them on the rack like you would a bottle of wine. It’s convenient and it can add a hint of color to your bathroom.

The Bedroom

Do you have a little girl that is going through the polka dot phase? Or maybe you are going through the polka dot phase. Either way, we have found the most flawless way to paint polka dots on the walls. Cut off the side of an old laundry basket (the kind with holes in the side) and tape it to the wall. Then just paint over the basket, and you’ll have perfect polka dots on your wall.

The Kitchen

Don’t you just hate it when you are cooking and you need quick access to a certain spice, but you can’t leave what you’re doing unattended? To avoid this problem install a magnetic strip under your cabinets, and store your spices in a container with a metal lid. The spices will be organized hanging there for you when you need quick and easy access.

The Laundry Room

When your hands are full of dirty clothes and you could really use an extra hand, it’s almost impossible to lift your liquid detergent bottle and pour the correct amount into the washing machine. Not to mention that the tide detergent bottle is a downer on your cute laundry room decor. Instead of keeping the detergent in the bottle from the store, pour it into a drink dispenser for a classic look and easy access.

We hope that these home hacks will help you in your stressful and busy life as a homemaker! If you are looking to move to a new home in Logan, Utah to try out these home hacks give us a call!