Custom Home Building Steps

You are thinking of building a new custom house, but are wondering what are the steps that go into building a custom home in Cache Valley? There are many different things to consider when building a new custom house and the steps it takes to build a new custom home.

1. Concrete pouring and foundation laying. In addition to this the land must be inspected before hand and make sure it is stable to build on.
2. Rough Framework this is the rough wood going up as the skeleton of the house.
3.Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC the first steps in these very important feature of the house.
4. Insulation – foam fiberglass whatever it maybe this is the next step in the housing process.
5. Drywall and interior textures starting on the inside and on the outside finishes like brick stucco and other various finishes.
6.Interior Trim window sills, freshly painted rooms, and moldings and Walkways
7.Hard surface flooring hardwood, tiles vinyl
8.Mechanical trims and bathroom fixtures. Sinks,toilets, light fixtures, electrical outlets and various other things to be put into the house.
9. Finish floors and landscaping- This will be the time that the mirrors, carpets, and shower doors
10. Final Walkthrough- this is a perfect time to walk through with the builder and make sure everything is the way you want it. That no paint is smudged or that the floor is laid out smoothly.

Throughout this whole process there are many different inspections that go on in between steps and during steps to ensure the highest quality possible for your new custom home. And if you’re still struggling with how you want your dream house then you might like to visit Dream Home Source to help you develop a better idea. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to start on your dream custom home then contact us at Visionary Homes for the best custom home building in Cache, Davis, Box Elder, and Weber counties.