Design Ideas

Feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to design and decorate your dream home? At Visionary Homes our goal is to help you create a home that is ‘Built for Living’ – a home made of more than just wood and concrete! Our homes are built for your family, and our design team and contractors are dedicated to creating what you want!
To help you find some inspiration we’ve gathered a few great ideas and saved them on our website. If you haven’t checked them out already, here are some of our favorites!

Make the most of your space under the stairs by creating a mini office or a family computer station! An upgrade from the usual closet, a built in desk can help this often-neglected space not only be more functional, but also helps bring in additional style as well.

Cute Nooks
A simple nook like this will quickly become the favorite seat in the house. A slight upgrade on the typical window seat, this spot also comes with lots of storage space; shelves on the sides help create your own personal library and the drawers below can store blankets to keep you warm on those chilly days. All you need is a warm drink and you’ll never want to leave!

Barn Door to Mudroom
There are so many things we love about this picture! The built in floor to ceiling cabinets in the mud room help to increase organization and functionality, all while looking warm and inviting. The barn door is what really draws the eye however. In a small space, this can really help to add character to a room with little effort.

Kitchen Disposal
Sometimes it’s the small details that really make a difference. If you love to cook, built in cutting boards, such as this one, can change your life. Easy to use and makes disposing of kitchen scraps even easier!

If you’re looking for inspiration, this picture is full of it! The rich wood floor, the fine moulding, the light fixtures, the color contrast between the walls and floor – we love it all!

As Cache and Weber counties’s most trusted home builder, we want to help you create a house you’ll be happy to come home to. For more ideas, check out the rest of our design ideas under our portfolio page, or contact us with any questions.