Designer Highlight: 10 Questions With Aubrey H.

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We're starting off the New Year by introducing you to a new blog series, Designer Highlight, where we ask our designers 10 questions to get to know them! First up, we have Aubrey H.

A Bit About Aubrey

I absolutely love interior design. It has a unique and powerful effect on the energy of the people that occupy the space. I love to do bright, open homes with dramatic, moody moments.


Paradise, Utah

Random Fact About You

I have a pipe dream of becoming a tattoo artist as a side hobby.

5 of Your Favorite Things

Pasta, mojitos, road trips, games, and my big green canoe!

1. Who in Your Life Inspires You the Most?

Robert Downey Jr.

2. Best Part about Working at Visionary Homes?

Getting to work with clients! I love taking peoples dreams and making them a reality.

3. Current Favorite Song?

Right this very second? In Bloom by Neck Deep.

4. Guilty Pleasure?

Bachelorette and KUWTK.

5. Ideal Vacation?

I think a Caribbean cruise would be right up my lane.

6. Best Decor Advice You Can Give?

Be brave! I like to try something in a smaller area (powder bath, laundry) so that I can get the feeling of a new style/color without having to worry about having larger consequences. That way I can take some time and see if I really like it enough to do it in more significant spaces.

7. Worst Fad in Design?

Over-dramatic chevron stripes, thank goodness that one’s on its way out.

8. Favorite Trend in Design Right Now?

Simplifying. I love the clean lines and minimalist direction.

9. Favorite Design Decor Style?


10. Top Designer You Follow?

Bobby Berk