Designer Highlight: 10 Questions With Erica E.

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Welcome back to our designer highlight series, which is almost coming to an end! We've been interviewing all of Visionary Homes' Designers and hope you've been enjoying learning a bit more about each of them. We'll be having future posts including our designers expertise, so keep an eye out on our blog for more from our incredible design team!

This week, we have Erica E., one of our Designers on the St. George Team at Visionary! Find out more about Erica below, from her who in her life inspires her most to her current favorite song.

A Bit About Erica E.

I am currently a full-time student and designer. I am a strong believer in health and wellness which is why on my days off you will find me in the outdoors or eating a good meal. I am fulfilled by setting goals and taking steps to reach them. This can make it especially hard when I fall short of expectations and dreams but is also one of the biggest motivators in my life. I am a full-time artist and try to incorporate some type of creative energy into my experiences each day. This creative vision is one reason I believe I have fresh perspective to problem solving and why I make a valuable asset to my clients and team.


St. George, Utah

Random Fact About You

I crave adventure and have visited over 20 different countries!

5 of Your Favorite Things

  1. Laughing
  2. Creating Something
  3. Fashion
  4. Outdoors
  5. Concerts

1. Who in Your Life Inspires You the Most?

There are many amazing people in my life that inspire me daily. I found that my character developed greatly when I started working with tennis coach and author, Christian Wright. He has taught me so much about mental fortitude on and off the court. I have found that I am much more aware of my own thoughts and actions after working with Chris. He helps you realize your potential in the smallest ways that create a large lasting impact.

2. Best Part about Working at Visionary Homes?

I love working with my clients. Because I am an extrovert, I am filled with joy when I get to work closely with individuals to create innovative ways to design their homes. I also really love the office I have been provided with. My desk that raises and lowers is so convenient and good for my long term health.

3. Current Favorite Song?

Sweater Weather by Lone Tusker

I am not normally a person that loves covers but when I heard this at a modern ramen shop, I knew I had to save it.

4. Guilty Pleasure?

I can scroll through Tik Tok for hours...

5. Ideal Vacation?

One where I can wear my swimsuit and enjoy the sun. I need the majority of days during the vacation to be spent by the pool or ocean. The other days, I need adventure. I love scuba diving, sand volleyball, dancing at local bars and restaurants, and/or shopping.

6. Best Decor Advice You Can Give?

Include what you love. As much as I love a curated look in a home, sometimes the things that really bring a space to life are the random pieces that you found and can't live without. I believe there is a way to incorporate multiple styles in one space which means pick what you love, and you will start to notice the natural connections that live between your spaces.

7. Worst Fad in Design?

Live, Laugh Signs or any cliche sayings in general. Sealing old laminate countertops with epoxy or resin (I am seeing this a lot right now and while they may look okay at first, this is not going to last like people need). Painted arches on the wall (they haven't been around long and I'm already sick of them).

8. Favorite Trend in Design Right Now?

Slab countertop backsplashes in the kitchen. They are so easy to take care of because there's not grout. I also love the minimalistic look they bring to a space.

9. Favorite Design Decor Style?

My favorite decor style is a mix between eclecticism and modern minimalistic. I choose pieces for the character they bring into a space and then find ways to make them more current.

10. Top Designer You Follow?

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