Designer Highlight: 10 Questions With Tish L.

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Welcome back to our blog series, Designer Highlight, where we ask our designers 10 questions to get to know them! This week, we have Tish L., one of our design consultants! Find out more about Tish below, from who in her life inspires her the most to the best part of working at Visionary Homes and her best decor advice.

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"Vision/mood boards are a great way to piece together your style and show how the different materials play together with different textures creating a cohesive feeling.  In this image the style I was going for was urban industrial. Bringing in the earthy colors, hardwood and leather, to what some people consider a cold aesthetic really warms up the industrial style, creating a cozy vibe." – Tish L.


A Bit About Tish L.

I have loved being creative since I was a little girl.  Helping my mom with projects around the house and our runs to the good ol' Home Depot were my favorite. I would collect any free sample of anything they had such as counter top samples, flooring samples, cabinet color samples.  I was always interested in how a space could change so much with some hard work and how the change made the space feel so inviting and cozy.  It was something to feel proud of as well, to see the before and after of a home project.  It could be as simple as creating some DIY bar to fit in our odd shaped rental homes or tearing down walls to help family with their larger projects.  I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty and learn.


Logan, UT

Random Fact About You

I love being artistic and painting, whether it be water colors or acrylic.

5 of Your Favorite Things

Pizza (especially local places), my two dogs, disc golfing, music, and my vehicles.

1. Who in Your Life Inspires You the Most?

My mother. She is an amazing, honest, strong, intelligent woman. She is very creative, hardworking and can accomplish any project thrown at her. She inspires me everyday and can do any job a man can do. She owns her own business and is passionate about what she does.

2. Best Part about Working at Visionary Homes?

Helping amazing people select their perfectly unique and beautiful colors for their house to make it their home. An environment they love for their lifestyle and creating new memories in.

3. Current Favorite Song?

I have a couple…

Happier by Marshmallo ft. Bastille

Losing Minds by Taska Black, Nevve

Cruise Control by Break Science, Raquel Rodriguez

Electric by Brett

4. Guilty Pleasure?

Playing video games on some down time with my husband.

5. Ideal Vacation?

The Redwood National Forest, California

6. Best Decor Advice You Can Give?

Less is more. Create a state of calm and relaxation from a busy work day when you come home. Pillows are also a fun inexpensive way to add color to a space. Easily changed out for different seasons or holidays.

7. Worst Fad in Design?

Huge sofas (aka marshmallow sofas) that are bulky and don’t fit well in your space. They are heavy and not very attractive to be a focal point.

8. Favorite Trend in Design Right Now?

Deep Rich colors on cabinets that are timeless. Whether it is a deep green like Roycroft Bronze Green, a deep blue such as Naval Blue, or a deep gray like Iron Ore all by Sherwin Williams.

9. Favorite Design Decor Style?

Scandinavian Modern (minimal, modern yet warm)

10. Top Designer You Follow?

Studio Mcgee, Bobby Berk from Queer Eye Fab 5, and Mr. Kate

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