Designer Takeover Social Week Recap

It was Designer Takeover Week on our social last week where we had our designers answer design questions, show you around our design studio, fill us in on latest design trends, and everything in between! If you missed it, here is a brief recap or visit our Instagram or Facebook to view it all.

Day 1
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On Day 1, we introduced you to our design team at Visionary Homes with a blog post - Meet our Design Team: An Introduction to Our Design Team, where they answer 3 questions about themselves. We're also currently running a blog series which highlights on a designer by asking them 10 questions about themselves. Keep updated on the blog to see more! So far we've got one done - Meet Aubrey, and another on the way soon!

Audrey walked through our award-winning design studio and gave a brief tour, describing briefly the designers purpose in helping homebuyers create the home of their dreams by guiding them through the process. She explains a bit about the steps that the homebuyer goes through when they enter the design studio, from kitchen and bathroom to exterior and lighting.

We also posted a social story where followers could ask questions to our designers that we'd have them answer on Friday.

Day 2
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Our designer, Hailey, showcases 3 different vignettes and styles for inspiring those considering designing their home. Starting with the modern farmhouse, moving into a modern contemporary, and ending with the most trending elements most homebuyers add to their homes lately.

When designing your dream home, Hailey recommends 4 basics for a cohesive, beautiful home. 1, create contrast with the selections you choose, as they will complement each other better. 2, provide harmony by carrying same cabinets or colors throughout your home, such as taking the kitchen colors into the bathrooms and laundry space so there's no disconnect and your home will flow. 3, consider colors. Combine warm and cool tones so you're not stuck on one end of the scale, which also plays into bringing more harmony to your home design. 4, add texture. Mix textures for visual interest!

Day 3

Day 3 was all about Natisha's favorite model home, The Sumac, and giving you a virtual tour of the model! She describes how the designers choose what design elements to go into the model homes and why you should take a visit, along with some incredible design options and features she loves about the model!

"Natisha here (I go by Tish), one of the designers for Visionary Homes! If I had to pick which model home is my favorite, I'd have to say it's the Sumac model home in our Mount Vista community in Nibley. This picture of the main living area is my favorite part of the model home. It showcases the openness of the floor plan, together with the open railing to the second level, the large floor to ceiling windows and accessibility between the kitchen, dining room, and great room."

Day 4

On Day 4, we had Erica from our St. George design team give the best advice when choosing design details to go into your kitchen. These selections are both stylish and timeless for creating a dream home.

"For those that want the most for their investment in their home: a natural Knotty Alder cabinet is a great place to save in your home. It is the included cabinet in all of our homes and when paired with the modern hardware and clean looking subway tile, it creates a light and bright space. The granite countertop is superior because of its scorch resistant qualities which means you can put hot pots & pans directly on the counter. " - Erica

Design Details:
-ceiling height natural knotty alder cabinets (base in all homes)
-modern knobs & pulls
-granite countertops
-flat 4x16 subway backsplash
-light colored grout

Day 5
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The last day of design week ended with a bang! We had a few of our design team members answer the questions asked on social on Monday via video. Some of the questions asked and answered were:
- What are some popular color accents for 2021?
- How do you balance timeless and trendy design in your home?
- What are some different ways you can update your mirrors?

Ending with Kellie, our design studio assistant manager sharing 4 of her favorite must-haves when it came to design, using the Sumac model home as an example.

1. Lots of natural light pouring in! This home has two story windows that make the room feel grand and inviting.
2. I love a neutral color palette w/a few pops of color. I love how light and airy this home feels and I love how the decor really grounds the space and adds interest. It's a great balance of fresh and warm.
3. Timeless selections. This home has cabinetry and flooring that will stand the test of time. The designer Shawn L. added the trendy open shelving for some interest which makes it feel current.
4. The overall feel of a room should have an inviting ambience. This home design (the Sumac) really generates the feeling of never wanting to leave. You instantly feel happy and cozy and want to settle in with your family around the fireplace. It is a beautiful home that was very well designed. - Kellie

Thanks to our design team for sharing with us on social more details on design at Visionary Homes!

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