Enjoy Bear Lake State Park this Summer

Bear Lake State Park, located in northern Utah, features 70,000 acres of water, making it the perfect place for a summer getaway. One of the first things visitors will notice is the unique aqua blue-green color of the water which is created by the mineral calcium carbonate. Beyond the gorgeous blue of the water, Bear Lake State Park features sandy beaches, scenic hillsides, and picturesque trails, ideal for enjoying a number of summer outdoor activities.

Bear Lake’s most popular beaches for watersports

Watersports are quite popular in the summer months and visitors to Bear Lake can choose from scuba diving, swimming, wakeboarding, fishing, or boating, just to name a few. The large expanse of water creates a spacious area to enjoy a number of watersports without the concerns of crowded waters. Beaches are also located at all points of the lake: Bear Lake Marina to the north, Bear Lake Rendezvous Beach to the south, and Bear Lake Cisco Beach to the east.

Rendezvous Beach, known for its great camping, features 138 campsites with several amenities like restrooms and hot showers. There is also an area for boat rentals, making Rendezvous Beach the ideal location for an overnight camping trip or a day trip out on the lake.

Bear Lake Marina is just north, and most known for boating. There are also 15 campsites with a swimming area, so it is great for camping as well.

Bear Lake Cisco Beach is more remote than the other two beaches but does have campgrounds on a first come, first served basis. Cisco Beach features unique geographical features such as volcanic rock formations and even a cave. In 2008, a wreck was added for divers which is south of the main entrance by 75 yards. Bear Lake Cisco Beach stands as one of the top dive sites in the state.

Fishing is also a favorite activities at any one of these beaches. Large lake trout bass are among the most common but the lake also includes four other species of fish: Bonneville Cisco, Bear Lake Whitefish, Bonneville Whitefish, and Bear Lake Sculpin.

Bird watching at Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge

If you prefer other activities besides watersports, consider taking a trip north to visit the Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge. 18,050 acres of marsh lands span the area that also includes grasslands. The bird watching here is like none other, boasting one of the largest populations of white faced ibis in the Western U.S.

Cave exploration in Minnetonka Cave

Interested in a little adventure? Cave exploring is a popular activity at Bear Lake, especially in the summer because the caves are much cooler. Minnetonka Cave, the biggest limestone rock cave found in Idaho, is a 9 room cavern of stalagmites, stalactites, and banded travertine. Be sure to locate the “bride,” a stalagmite formed with the appearance of lace.