Holiday Home Gift Guide 2020

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In search of holiday gifts for your family, friends, or neighbors? Why not gift them something for their home? This way, you know they'll be using the gift and it won't be a waste. It's especially nice to receive a home decor gift when it's sent from someone who has a bit of taste. That's you! If you don't have a natural eye for trendy or timeless home decor, we've collected up a few to choose from. Explore and enjoy!

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Whoever you choose to give a pouf to, will gladly and easily find a place for it. If you know someone who has a small space and not enough seating in their home, this will make the perfect gift. What's convenient about a pouf is it creates additional seating space, can be used as a temporary table top, and adds a stylish appeal to any room, from their living room to their bedroom. It's a better alternative to the foldable chair, which can look tacky.

Skip the traditional square or rectangular rug and opt for a round one that your family member or friend can add to their living space. It may not be a vital need to their home, but it will make a wonderful addition style wise. They can easily place it under an accent chair in a reading nook, in a guest bedroom, or near the entryway table for shoes.

Have them spruce up the smell of their home with a scented candle or a personalized candle with their name or initial on it. Everyone loves receiving a personalized item with their name on it. Whether that's a robe or a candle. You can never go wrong with giving a candle to just about anyone for Christmas. Most people love adding a new fragrance to their home, especially if it's festive and reminds them of good times and good memories.

One pillow, two pillow, three! A modern looking pillow like this one can be mixed with any style someone has in their home. If they have a mid century, bohemian, or contemporary home style, this pillow will likely complement whatever decor they already own. Pick a neutral pillow so it can easily be added with their other home items. They can add the pillow into their living room or downstairs theater room to enhance the comfort of their home.

If you're like us, we're plant people, or at least want-to-be plant people. Everytime we see a succulent or palm plant in the store, we want it. It's pretty difficult to own too many plants, as there's almost always a spot for them to be placed in a home. That's why giving a plant or even a stylish plant pot will make for the perfect present.

holiday gift guide, gift guide, 2020 gift guide, christmas, christmas gifts, gift guide 2020

Have a fashionista in your household? A decor tray creates the ideal gift for them. They can use it to feature other decor on, on their coffee table or entryway table. It elevates the look of their space with a touch of glam.