How to Hire a Home Builder During the Pandemic

The years 2020 and 2021 have brought about a lot of introspection, putting one main aspect of our lives under the microscope; the place we call home. When you spend 24/7 inside your home living, working, teaching, and exercising all within the same four walls, you start to notice everything. You start to realize that your kitchen doesn’t have nearly enough storage, that your bathroom could use a facelift, your living room would truly benefit from being more open or your backyard could transform with just a little bit of work. Many homeowners have started to invest in their homes with upgrades, remodels, renovations, and even looking to build new, more comfortable homes. When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived last spring it caused some businesses to shut down, temporarily putting home remodeling projects on hold. Now that we are getting to a new state of normal in 2021, renovation and design projects are back on track and underway. When it comes to designing and building a Visionary Home, we have learned the drill when it comes to mask wearing, physical distancing and cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. So how can you embark on the journey to hire a home builder during the pandemic? We have put together some helpful tips to help you navigate home building and remodels during this time.

High Demand

hire a home builder during the pandemic

Home construction to include remodels has been classified as an essential service in many states allowing for business to proceed as usual during the pandemic. But of course for those of us doing the hiring, this doesn’t mean things like finding the right person for the job and scheduling that person have gotten any easier. If anything, the demand has made it more difficult.  And during this state of new normal with COVID, people are much more cautious about who they bring into their homes. Some homeowners planning remodeling and design projects may be wondering whether they’re comfortable having workers in their home during the pandemic. If you want some reassurance, look up federal and local guidelines to be educated on the information then ask your home builder or contractors specific questions to be put at ease prior to starting a project.

Do Your Research

hire a home builder during the pandemic

When you start the process of selecting a contractor, it’s vital to think of it as a hiring process. You’re not going to find someone overnight. You’re onboarding someone to take on a major project: your home, so ask to see examples of their work, from start to finish. Before hiring a remodeling or design pro, do as much contactless research as you can online or through email, phone and video calls. Many home builders have set up a system adhering to CDC guidelines that will put their customers at ease while allowing you to do as much research as is needed to be comfortable with your choice. This is the perfect time to take advantage of a company’s online live chat feature. Now more than ever, it’s a good time to find a trusted and reliable home builder that will not take advantage of those eager to get started on a project. Read through reviews/testimonials, look through work samples, and tour model homes if they are open to really get an idea of what a home builder or remodeler has to offer. 

Have Patience

hire a home builder during the pandemic

It’s important to remember to be patient when hiring a contractor or home builder during this time, although most businesses will do their best to be timely it’s recommended to prepare and plan for a couple of slowdowns. Part of this is due to the uptick in current demand but part of it is also attributed to playing catch-up from the initial shut down last Spring. Be entering into a project with a patient mindset you will be more delighted when projects move quickly and smoothly. Home building also requires a supply chain from multiple companies called vendors to complete a project, many have seen a delay in receiving materials. COVID caused many manufacturing companies to shut down or shift gears which resulted in their product getting behind schedule as well. To prepare for this scenario, try to make your design decisions earlier in the build process to allow your home builder to purchase your items with a longer lead time.  This will allow your builder to set expectations accordingly or recommend alternatives to speed up the process.

COVID Protocols

hire a home builder during the pandemic

You and your family should feel safe when working with a new home builder and contractors. Don’t be afraid to ask them what their current COVID protocols are! By now, you’re probably familiar with recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about social distancing, masking and other ways to stay safe. The CDC also has requirements for the construction industry, similar to guidelines from OSHA, the National Association of Home Builders and Associated General Contractors of America. Contractors and designers should also adhere to state and local guidelines, which you can usually find on your state or city’s public health department website.

Prepare Your Questions

hire a home builder during the pandemic

Communication is key. When hiring a new home builder or contractor don’t be shy in communicating if that is what helps bring you peace of mind. When interviewing potential contractors, be realistic about how skittish you might be about having strangers in your home. You are entitled to asking what protocols that business currently has in place and how they anticipate their business changing. Whether it’s meeting people on site to check progress or having a team in your home conducting a remodel, you deserve to feel safe and comfortable with the company you hire. Having a list of specific questions to ask will demonstrate your confidence and knowledge; you want to be able to ask all of the items you are thinking of while not being sold on things you don’t need.

Do What Makes You Comfortable

hire a home builder during the pandemic

As we transition into the safer landscape and more businesses go back to work, you may feel comfortable doing face to face meetings with your home builder right off the bat. Communicate your comfort levels up front so a clear set of expectations are put into place. Building a home has many steps that are very hands-on, like walking through the design studio dreaming of your perfect kitchen or visiting a model home to get an idea of floor plans. At Visionary Homes, our goal is to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the build process during a pandemic or normal times. If you have any questions on our COVID protocols, our home building process or you are ready to start building your dream home we are ready to assist you! Feel free to fill out the form below or call us at (435) 228-4702.