How To Keep Your House Cool During Hot Summer Days

keep your house cool

The first day of summer is right around the corner, which means a spike in temperature if it hasn’t already arrived. We felt inclined to give you a few tips on how to keep your house cool during hot summer days! It’s only natural to crank the AC on the days you’re convinced your whole family is going to melt but as a result you will watch your bills rise with the temperature. Here are 10 tips to keep your home cool and your bills low all summer.

1. Keep Your Blinds Closed

keep your house cool

This may be our most simple but best tip! According to Family Handyman “... up to 30 percent of unwanted heat comes from your windows, and utilizing shades, curtains and the like can save you up to 7 percent on your bills and lower indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees”. If that doesn’t convince you to buy those curtains you’ve been wanting for months, we don’t know what will!

2. Be Smart with Your Doors

Closing off certain rooms will prevent the cool air from leaking into these areas during the hottest part of the day. Be sure to open the doors back up during the cooler night hours to let air flow through your home.

3. Faux Fan Air Conditioning

keep your home cool this summer

This simple trick mimics a fresh ocean air breeze. Fill a mixing bowl with ice and position it at an angle in front of a large fan, so when the fan is turned on the air whips off the ice at an extra-chilled, extra-misty temperature. Simple magic.

4. Swap out Winter Bedding

Switching up your bedding once summer hits is great way to freshen up a room and keep cool. Your heavy winter flannel sheets and fleece blankets are no longer needed for insulation, opt for cotton which breathes easier and stays cooler.

5. Set Ceiling Fans to Rotate Counter-Clockwise

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Did you know that your ceiling fan needs to be adjusted seasonally? Set your fan to spin counterclockwise in the summer and turn it on at a higher speed than you typically would. The fans new airflow will give the room a wind-chill breeze making the area feel cooler. 

6. Utilize Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

When you are taking a shower or cooking in the kitchen be sure to turn on the exhaust fans. The fan will pull the hot air that rises while cooking or shower steam to keep the heat out of your home.

7. Open the House Up at Night

evening patio area with open space kitchen and sliding doors

Temperatures tend to drop at night during the summer months. Make the most of chilly summer nights and open the windows before going to bed. By opening windows and turning ceiling fans to the correct rotation you will have a cool breeze flowing throughout your home.

8. Fire Up the Grill

This may be our favorite and most delicious tip! Cooking on the stove or in the oven will make your home hotter especially when it’s hot to begin with! The last thing you want to do is turn on at 400 degrees, the best solution is to take your family outside for a BBQ. By eliminating these heat sources and cooking outside your home will stay much cooler.

9. Change Up Your Lighting

keep your house cool

Have you been wanting to switch out those old incandescent light bulbs but haven’t gotten around to it? Incandescent bulbs tend to waste about 90 percent of their energy in the heat they emit, so tossing them to the curb will make a small difference in cooling your home while also lowering your electric bill.

10. Insulation Improvements

If you’re really, really committed to the whole no-AC thing, you can make a couple changes to your home that will keep it cooler for seasons to come. Insulated window films are a great purchase and they work similarly to blinds. Consider adding awnings and planted trees or vines on or in front of light-facing windows that will shield your home from the sun’s rays, reduce the amount of heat your home absorbs and make your investment nothing but worthwhile.

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