Kitchen Decisions Headline

They say that food tastes better with family and friends around. This can be so true and one of
the big decisions for how your new custom home’s kitchen will look. There are many different
layouts to choose from for different feels and needs of each family. There are seven typical
kitchen layouts that are used in many homes:

One Wall kitchen– this layout and design is very convenient and in a lot of smaller
houses and more open layout designs in kitchens

Gallery– is like in a restaurant with two lines specifically designed to cook.

U or Horseshoe shaped– offers sufficient space to cook usually with one cook in the

U or Horseshoe shaped and Island– like the U shaped kitchen it is sufficient on cooking
and adds a little interactivity to the social setting and scene of the kitchen.

G shaped– is giving more room in the kitchen and allows for more cooks and activity

L shaped if entertainment is key then this layout is perfect with a great amount of space
and openness

L shaped with an Island– cooking and entertaining this kitchen is maximized to do both
and have openness at the same time.
Grey Room

After choosing the layout of the kitchen, making a decision about appliances, lighting, flooring,
and color scheme need to be made. These tips can help with the practicality of the kitchen.

● Color can have a huge impact on the look and feel of the kitchen. Dark colors tend to
make small spaces look even smaller.

● Ability to clean can have a big impact of kitchens as well matte counter tops conceal dirt
more than shiny ones do.

● Having one focal point in the kitchen can bring peace to the kitchen that could be
scattered with multiple colors, patterns, and designs

● Open cabinet space by taking doors off and allowing the empty space to open a room
that is cluttered.

● Painting the cabinets another color and adding a fresh new backsplash can revamp the

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