Maintenance and Energy Efficiency

Many homebuyers assume that when they decide to buy a home they will buy an existing home rather than working with a builder to build a new home. There are many reasons why buying a new home is a lot more practical than buying an existing home. Over the next few posts we’ll discuss the reasons why you should buy new.

Maintenance and Energy Efficiency


When you buy an existing home there are maintenance issues that come with buying a house that is older. There is something referred to as “normal wear and tear” that comes with homes, and the older the home, the more maintenance issues. When you build a new home you are able to rest easy and have none of the maintenance issues that arise with an existing home. Any maintenance issues that do arise are covered under warranties and will be taken care of for you.

New homes built with Visionary are very energy efficient. We are currently the only certified green builder in Northern Utah. This means that you will save up to 35% off the utility bill you would have if you bought an existing home. This is because of the way our new homes are built and the types of products we use during building.

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