Making a House a Home

Purchasing your first home, whether it’s a home already built or still in the blueprints, can be a very daunting task. Whether you’re seeking to relocate to an area with better schools, better employment rates, or just moving for the scenery, there is a lot that goes into making a house a home.

The house that you purchase should be a place where you can entertain, have fun, be happy, relax, and most of all call home. Here are a few tips in creating that homey feeling in your new house.

• Place plants around the home to liven it up. This can not only help with the décor but it can also make the residents feel as if it’s permanent and welcoming. Hanging baskets, plants within pots, or even a window garden can do the trick.

• If you’re single, or even for families with children, get a pet. Whether you choose a dog, cat, bird, mouse, hamster, ferret, or fish, you will always have someone to come home to and a great pet if you have children. Fish tend to be the top choice as they are low maintenance and can provide countless hours of wonderment by watching them.

• Display memories like pictures. Displaying keep sakes, souvenirs, or ornaments is also a way to express your life visually. A big hit these days are photo collages made from photos over the years or a past vacation.

• Use your fireplace. If you don’t have one, you can choose to purchase a replica stand-alone fireplace with a real flaming effect or making a small bonfire outdoors. This will not only allow you those romantic evenings with your significant other but it will also allow for bonding time with friends, family, or your children.

• Aroma matters. When it comes to walking into a house you are visiting one of the most common things you will remember about that house is the smell. As some people will tell you, “Grandma’s house always smelled of apple pie,” this is the same thing you are trying to capture. Find a scent to call your own for your newly built home.

• Turn on the radio. Although many people would rather save the energy, there are benefits to having a radio on at all times. It can not only provide voices to where a single person doesn’t feel so alone, it can also make cleaning an easy task.

• Create seasonal effects inside the home. During the seasons pick a random display that relates to it such as a pinecone filled basket for the autumn months, or maybe a seasonal throw that you can use throughout the holidays.

• Capture a feeling of being cozy with wearing slippers around your new home. This might not help with decorating it or creating an aroma to whisk through the whole house but it can make you more comfortable in your home and more relaxed.

There are many other ways that you can incorporate to help in making a house a home, but above all the most important thing is the feeling you get from being at the only place in the world you can call home.