Maximize Space With Furniture Placement

How To Get The Most Bang For Your Furniture

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It can be a little challenging to try and put together your perfect dream home. You have to juggle a home layout, decor, and design all while staying in your budget. Well we have good news. As your trusted home builders in Logan, Utah we are here to help lift some of your burdens when planning out your dream home. For example, it can be hard to organize your furniture in a way that maximizes space while still filling the room with comfortable pieces. But no need to worry, we have some solutions for you.

Multi-purpose Furniture

When you’re looking for new furniture pieces, keep an eye out for anything that can serve two purposes in your home. For example, a wooden trunk or chest can double as a storage piece as well as a coffee table. Another popular piece that we see a lot are hide-away beds. These are beds that are stored under the couch cushions and can be pulled out from a couch for sleepovers or family visits.

Take Advantage of Corners

Often times, corners of homes are overlooked because they can be a bit awkward to fit furniture into. But they can actually provide great shelving space with hanging shelves. Instead of purchasing a huge entertainment center, consider buying a TV stand and install hanging shelves to store movies and DVD players. Here is a tutorial on how to make a hanging corner shelf in just seven minutes.

Invest in Hanging Hooks

Why put something on the floor to take up space when it can be hung neatly on the wall? A big mistake that homeowners make when trying to maximize space is forgetting that lights can be mounted. Instead of purchasing a desk lamp or standing lamp, just hang the lighting fixture on the wall. You get the same illuminating effect while also saving space. Plus if you don’t have to put a lamp on an end table, maybe you can eliminate the table all together.

Bigger is Sometimes Better

Although you’re trying to maximize the space in your home we understand that you still need enough furniture so that everyone in your home can be comfortable on a nice piece of furniture. To avoid clutter in your home, stay away from small pieces of furniture that can only hold one or two people. This will cause you to buy multiple pieces that take up more space. Instead purchase larger pieces that can hold more than one or two people while still allowing everyone to be comfortable.

We hope that these tips can help you maximize the space in your home, and we are always open to your ideas about building design for your home here in Utah.