Styling Series: How to Style Your Living Room Similar to Our Madison Model Home

madison model home, living room, living room furniture, furniture, living room, decor, style, decor style
madison model home, living room, living room furniture, furniture, living room, decor, style, decor style
madison model home, living room, living room furniture, furniture, living room, decor, style, decor style

Welcome back to another addition to our Styling Series, where we feature similar furniture and decor pieces styled in our model homes. If you ever struggle figuring out what furniture or decor to add into your new living space or are looking for a bit of change to your current space, follow along with us on this series.

This time, we've chosen our Madison model home living room for finding similar decoration items, making it easier for you to draw inspiration from the interior design. By blending traditional and modern styles beautifully together, The Madison living room seems to showcase a transitional style, that many try to achieve. Browse below for inspiration.


Place less distracting artwork on your fireplace mantel, in place of a TV, if you're looking to create a relaxing environment to your living space. The black frame also gives it a modern feel and pairs wonderfully with other modern elements to the room and traditional pieces, for a transitional interior style.

It's important to pick a rug big enough for your living room, but it's also vital choosing one that complements the space. A subtle geometric design like the one in our Madison model home and the similar one we found, adds to the style in the space without being overwhelming in color or pattern.

Perfect for when you don't have a TV console, a storage cabinet like the one to The Madison model home living room provides the ideal storage space for books, throws, additional pillows, and any necessities to be hidden away until needed. Choose a simple one, with sleek details from gold hardware and mid-century inspired legs for a stylish look.

Modern and chic, this couch will work with just about any living room due to its neutral color. Whether you're wanting to add a modern appearance to your living room or have it work with your current decor style, this is definitely a couch that does just that. To our Madison living room, this couch creates a modern feel, while working with the neutrals to the room, in order to bring it all together.

Creating a fun, graphic modern print to The Madison living room, are the pillows. Not only do they elevate the look of the space, but they add visual interest. As one of the most inexpensive decor pieces to easily swap out and change up the style to any space, pillows can bring a new vibe into the room. Once again, choosing neutrals will add to the modern style you may be going for.

As more of a traditional style, the wood and glass table brings in natural elements with a rustic appearance. Grounding the space and providing the perfect tabletop for snacks to more decor. This coffee table mixed with the modern furniture pieces to the living room, work together to create the transitional interior style.

Adding little decoration pieces into your living space can be easy, if you remember to find both functional and stylish elements, such as these vases. Being both modern and purposeful for artificial to real plants, these vases work well with the space, especially in neutral colors. Similar vases are featured at the coffee table in The Madison model home.

Wondering what to add to your coffee table? A glam, silver and mirrored tray works beautifully on your coffee table as a base for additional simple decor, while complementing a modern style living room. Whether you choose to add vases, candles, or books to it, the tray will accentuate the decor in a stylish way.

More spots to sit, create a more comfortable living area. A lounge chair is exactly that, perfect for lounging, whether you're reading a book or calling a friend. These add a chic, yet sophisticated appeal to the space while being completely functional.

Plants are a must to just about any living space as they bring a bit of nature into the room, which can help the space feel more relaxing. An artificial plant can still provide a feeling of comfort to your living room, without the maintenance. Placing a floor plant in the corner of the room works perfectly, as other smaller potted plants can be added to side tables or fireplace mantels.

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