Stying Series: How to Style Your Living Room Similar to Our Sumac Model Home

sumac model home, furniture, interior design, utah model home, model home
sumac model home, furniture, interior design, utah model home, model home
sumac model home, furniture, interior design, utah model home, model home

We love the way our Sumac model home in our Vista Isle community located in Nibley, UT is styled. With a bohemian inspired modern interior design style, this model home looks stunning!

Do you ever struggle figuring out what new furniture or decor to add into your living space? Are you looking for a bit of change to your family room? Browse below to get inspired by our Sumac model home living room, as we've found similar products that you can shop. Pick a few, or all of them depending on if you're recreating your living space or simply mixing it up a bit.

One or two of these cream armchairs will bring additional seating to your living space with ultimate comfort. The light shade and soft texture also give your home a cozy feel. Pair them side by side like in our model home or apart, one as a reading chair, and the other near the couch.

Finding a furniture piece that anchors the room and becomes the focal point is usually the goal in making your living space look flawless. With a modern tufted loveseat, this becomes easy as it draws enough attention to the space and looks sophisticated with the tufted details and faux leather detailing. If you have an open concept layout, separate the kitchen from the living space with this couch, like styled in our Sumac model home.

A marble and gold coffee table gives your home a luxe feel with whichever design style you have, whether that be bohemian or modern. A coffee table makes for the perfect spot to set your hot cocoa, book, or display decor. We love the touch of glam it adds to the Sumac model with the gold legs and marble table top.

The leather armchair looks quite comfortable to lounge in, while giving the space a weathered, sophisticated appeal. By incorporating a rustic element into the room, it adds more texture and detailing to make the space more interesting and inviting.

Modern elements can be featured in your home with a black accent table to place beside any chair or couch. Without it, the leather lounge chair would look out of place and quite lonely, but with it, you've got a reading spot and a place to set down your extra books, electronics, and coffee.

Instantly update the look of your space by adding throw pillows with prints and in various colors. Depending on the color scheme you're looking to achieve or the decor style, switching out pillows is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to spruce up your home. These have a definite bohemian feel that's super trendy right now and for good reason! We like them a lot!

A simple geometric area rug kept in a neutral shade like this one provides the room with more structure and layout, especially with an open concept home layout. Make sure to get a rug that's large enough for your space or else the rug can make your room appear smaller than it is. Geometric prints are fun to incorporate and don't cause much thought to whether or not they match your furniture and decor, simply because the neutral shades and patterns coordinate with almost any elements in your home.

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