Styling Series: How to Style Your Bedroom Similar to Our Greystone Model

Welcome back to another addition to our Styling Series, where we feature similar furniture and decor pieces styled in our model homes. If you ever struggle figuring out what furniture or decor to add into your new living space or are looking for a bit of change to your current space, follow along with us on this series.

Today, we're covering the beautiful bedroom in our Greystone model home in our Meadowbrook community within Logan. This bedroom on the second floor to the model home features a spacious closet and neutral design features for the furniture to pop. Styled for a classic aesthetic that's perfect to emulate for your owner's suite, guest, or teen bedroom.

Browse below to view similar items we found for your inspiration to decorating your new or current home!


Opting for a light shade to your curtains instead of dark or neutral hues can brighten up the space and prevent it from looking quite bland. Curtains that reach the floor also take the eyes from floor to ceiling and elongates the feel of the room. Even better, choose blackout curtains to block out sunlight for afternoon naps and better sleep at night.

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Adding accent pillows to a bed can instantly update the look of the whole room. Swap out your older pillows for new ones that stand out and make a statement to the room, whether modern or traditional to coordinate with the design theme of the bedroom. These three pillows as inspiration feature a modern graphic design that complements the sophisticated vibe this room is going for.

Whether you're styling a bedroom to your new home or current, adding an accent wall can make a big difference to the look and feel to the bedroom. This floral wallpaper gives this bedroom a more mature vibe paired with contemporary and classic furniture, from the sleek side tables to the tufted blue bed frame. Find a wallpaper that complements the furniture you have or want, because you can always replace wallpaper or paint the wall to change it up. Select a peel-off wallpaper for ease of use and removability. 

This bed frame is strikingly similar to the one in the Greystone model, with a more modern touch to the headboard design. Perfect for creating an upscale, yet comfortable guest bed so your guests can relax and unwind when needed. Or, create a sophisticated feel to your teen's bedroom and pair it with more playful elements like the geometric, modern pillows.

bedroom, bedroom design, bedroom ideas, floral wallpaper, interior design

Integrate a bit of glam to your guest or teen bedroom with side tables in place of nightstands featuring mirror tabletops. These end tables add structure next to the bed while providing a convenient spot for nighttime essentials and lamps for additional lighting. What do you think of the unique lamps to the Greystone bedroom?

Round mirrors are seen everywhere in homes nowadays, from bathroom vanities to entryway walls. They provide a modern appeal to your space and can bring an otherwise empty wall to life. Add style to an empty wall of your choice in the bedroom by placing a round mirror in the center. The mirror can also bounce off natural sunlight from the window for additional light to the room.

bedroom, bedroom design, bedroom ideas, floral wallpaper, interior design

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