Summer Time Means Party Time

Tips For Hosting The Perfect House or Block Party

Before the warm summer nights slip away and everyone retreats to their homes to prepare for the upcoming

holidays and consider having a block party! You already have a great venue with your new home and this is

the time to show it off and make new friends. With these few tips you will have a fun successful evening.

Create a Theme

Oriental Trading company is one place where you can get tons of inspiration and ideas for a theme and the

decor is very reasonably priced. Having a theme makes everything easier to plan and will set the tone for the

rest of the night. Planning becomes much easier because everything will be centered around the theme.

Set Limits

It’s important to make sure everyone understands your expectations and your comfort level with where people

should eat and play. This can be accomplished with strategically placing decorations to prevent unwanted

wandering or simply post signs stating the rules. That way you can relax and enjoy the party instead of having

to police it.

Delegate Duties

Just because you are hosting doesn’t mean you should have to do all the work! Contact your neighbors and

have them help pitch in with both food and supplies. Neighbors are a great resource for chairs, drinks and pot-
luck dishes. Donations are also a great way to help offset the cost of the part and still let you keep control of

the theme.

trash can

Clean Up Before, During and After

Obviously you will prepare for the party by cleaning your home and yard but in order to keep from spending the

whole day after cleaning it’s a good idea to have strategically placed garbage cans placed around the house

and yard–you could even decorate them to fit your theme. “Many hands make light work” so don’t hesitate to

ask a few people to stay after and help clean after the party is over.

The most important tip: HAVE FUN!

If you are frazzled and stressed your guests will feel it and will not be able to relax and enjoy themselves. So

let your hair down and enjoy your own party by visiting with your new neighbors and old friends.

If you are interested in having your friends over to a brand new home just give Visionary Homes a call and we

can help build you the home of your dreams!