The Process of Building a Home

For those who haven’t seen the process of a home being built, you are missing out. The process of building a new home is extraordinary, and demonstrates how much planning, and forethought goes into the process. Our company of Logan UT home builders understands this process and carries out the process every single day! Because of this, today you are going to read what the process of building a new home is like. What comes first, and how an empty plot of land becomes a liveable home.

Step 1: Preparation & Excavation
Your home site is going to be measured, and staked according to the exact dimensions that the foundation needs to be. Then the lot will be dug according to the dimensions of your home plan so the foundation can be poured.

Step 2: Foundation & Framing
This is where things start to shoot upwards. After the hole has been dug, load bearing walls are created that will hold up the rest of the home. Then once the walls are set, the frame of the home is built. As the framing goes up you will be able to see the size of your rooms, and how the home is going to look on the inside.

Step 3: Closing Your Home
After the framing is completed and inspected your home will be closed. This is the point in the construction process where everything on the exterior will be installed including; shingles, roofing, windows and doors.

Step 4: Utility Installation
Before the walls in your home are finished all of the utilities for your home have to be installed, and need to be installed correctly. During this stage all of your water, electrical, sewage, heating, AC, and other utilities are installed. It can turn pretty hectic!

Step 5: Insulation & Sheetrock
When all of your utilities are installed correctly and are functioning your home is going to be insulated and sheetrocked. The insulation is to keep your home energy efficient and the sheetrock is what goes on top of it to turn wood and some foam into a wall.

Step 6: Design
Then when your walls are all created inside, it becomes time to design the inside of the home. All of your lighting will go into place, walls will be painted, carpets will be laid, and cabinets will be screwed in. Then your final stage of design is the exterior of the house where your landscaping nature will begin to roam free!

As the most trusted home builders in Logan UT we do our best to provide the best quality work in all 6 steps that we can! Let us help you build your new home!