The Pros and Cons of Landscaping Your Own Yard

landscaping your own yard

As Fall approaches, you may find yourself pulling out the rake, changing out items in your garden or protecting your plants before the winter season hits Utah. Landscaping the land around your home has distinct advantages and disadvantages. It is well known that landscaping and yard maintenance is a big part of being a homeowner but the type of landscape and whether you choose to do it yourself are important decisions to factor in when purchasing a home. Here are some pros and cons of landscaping your own yard.


The Pro's

Pro #1: Budget Friendly

You save money in the long run, as long as you have the right equipment, basic knowledge of plants/design, easy access to our friend Google or a knack for YouTube Academy. If you need mowers and rakes, it may cost you a little more to invest.

Pro #2: Curb Appeal

Landscaping the front yard makes a great first impression when guests arrive at your home. Flower beds, walkways, lighting, shrubbery, and anything else you choose to add can work together to make your home as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

Pro #3: Handling Issues that Arise

By doing the landscaping yourself, you do not have to wait for someone to get back to you if something is out of stock or you are having an issue. You can alter your yard any way you would like midway through the project if you do not like it.

Pro #4: Functionality

It is not only attractive to the landscape, but it is also functional. A walkway to the front door with lighting will help guide your guests in the dark. Backyard landscaping can create beautiful spaces for entertaining and enjoying time outdoors with the family.

Pro #5: Done on Your Own Time

You can start your DIY project at the spur of a moment. If you hire a landscaper, you may have to wait till the time is right for them.

Pro #6: Adds Value

Landscaping also adds value to your property, which is not only helpful when you go to sell the home, but it helps increase the collective property value of your neighborhood.

Pro #7: Great Exercise

You will definitely get a great workout if you decide to landscape yourself, which is an awesome bonus!

landscaping your own yard

The Con's

Con # 1: Time

Regular maintenance of the landscaping, from bags of mulch to yard tools is something to factor into your decision. If you are a newbie when it comes to landscaping, certain projects may take a lot of time.  If you choose to handle the maintenance yourself, that’s a significant time commitment and requires a good bit of energy, especially for elaborate landscapes. 

Con # 2: Cost

Although on the Pro's list, cost can also fall onto the Cons list. There is an initial cost associated with landscaping. However, that amount can be added to the overall price of the home, which may be nearly unnoticeable. If you’re trying to find ways to cut costs though, landscaping is one way. You can also choose simple landscaping that will cost less to implement.

Con # 3: Expertise

Landscapers have years of experience and knowledge under their belts. They know what soil, mulch, plants, and seed are best for your yard.

Con # 4: Environmental Impact

Drastic landscaping changes are not always environmentally friendly. Cutting down trees or using chemicals to kill weeds is potentially harmful to the wildlife in the area. Consider landscaping around the natural elements and using a plant-based weed killer.

Con # 5: The Tools

Depending on whether or not you have the right tools for the job, it could potentially go over the limit you wanted to spend. Another thing to consider is storage and having to perform maintenance on specific tools. 

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