Tips And Tricks For a Better Smelling Home

Make Better Memories With A Better Smelling Home

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The human mind is quite intriguing. But perhaps one of the most interesting facts about our mind is that your sense of smell can trigger the strongest of memories. As trusted home builders in Logan, Utah we make it our responsibility to help you create the best atmosphere for you and your family in your home. So in this post we will give you some tips on how to make your home have the most pleasant smell possible so that you can make some great memories with your friends and loved ones.

Douse the Disposal

Sometimes the disposal in the kitchen sink can cause a stench even worse than the trash can. But you can’t just take the disposal out to the dump. So what do you do? Try this natural solution. First clean out the disposal to the best of your ability. Then cut up a lemon or an orange and put it in the disposal and turn the disposal on. The acidic nature of the fruit will kill germs and leave your disposal with a fresh scent.

Herbal Wreath

This solution doubles as a decoration and a deodorizer for your home. A popular combination for herbal wreaths is mint leaves and lavender. They look nice together while leaving your home smelling fresh and relaxing. Here is a tutorial for how to make your own herbal wreath.

Wax Melts

A great alternative to candles, wax melts are appearing in more homes throughout the US. Wax melts give you the strong scent of a candle without the smoke and open flame of a lit candle. These melts are also great because of their longevity. The wax lasts much longer than candles because when you turn the warm plate off the wax hardens as it cools, retaining it’s scent.

Homemade Reed Diffusers

This option is another natural way to bring some great scents in your home while also bringing a nice natural decoration. The diffuser makes your home smell great with essential oils and reed sticks. When you place the sticks in a jar with the oil, the fragrance from the oil is dispersed through the top of the reeds. This option provides a scent that is dispersed evenly throughout the day instead of random spurts of fragrance like you find with aerosol air fresheners. You can make a DIY project out of this option as well, here are the directions.

We hope these tips help you to have fun creating memories and great scents in your home this summer!