Treating Your Home Like an Investment: Part 2

A Continuation of Our Previous Post

In our last blog post, we discussed how to increase the value of your home by building a home that is timeless through classic design. In this post, we will continue that discussion by adding to our list of classic design tips to prepare your home for a more timeless look and feel.


Timeless design is not only classic, but also practical. Every space in your home should have a carefully thought-out purpose.To achieve this feel, try to avoid placing items such as fluffy couches and overly-busy patterns or colors in your home. Each piece of furniture in your home should maximize your space, and every color should be able to correspond to what is in the room next door.


Speaking of Colors …

Many magazines and home decor sites will choose a “color of the year” or trending colors from years past. If you wish to achieve a more classic look for your home, avoid those colors like the plague. Because trends are ever-changing, next year’s “color of the year” will be different from this year’s—and you don’t want to be stuck with outdated colors in your home. Choose colors that will look classic and that will withstand the changing years. Neutral colors such as grey, white, off-white, navy blue, and beige are great, timeless hues that do not draw attention to themselves.

Avoid Fads

For people wishing to increase the value of their home, it is best to avoid fads altogether. If your home reflects a current fad or trend, in as little as three years your home could be outdated. Take a good look at your home’s design and architecture and be honest with yourself: If your home looks like it just came out of a new homes design magazine, you should probably reconsider if you still want your home to have a timeless look. This doesn’t mean that your home can’t be fashionable and updated. Your home can be everything that you see in the magazines, but with a classic twist that will put so much more added value on your home in ten years.

Ultimately your home is your home. We are here to help with all your home building in the Logan, Utah area. We want you to own something you will be proud of for years to come.