Visionary Superior Quality: Quickflash

Quality often occurs beneath the surface. This is something we strongly believe at Visionary Homes. We build our homes to the highest standards so you can be assured everything is running smoothly and there is no need to worry about the things you don’t understand. One of those things that you may not understand is Quickflash. “What in the world is Quickflash and who cares?” you say. One may not always see Quickflash on our homes, but it’s there, it’s doing its job, and it’s creating superior benefits. Everyone wants a great product with valuable benefits! So, who cares about Quickflash? At Visionary Homes, we do. What is Quickflash, where does it go on a house, and what are the benefits? We’ve got the answers.

Quickflash is a square flashing panel. The perimeter is rigid and the center is flexible rubber, basically it looks like a piece of inner tube with a hole in the center. These panels are placed on the exterior side of walls where penetrations exist. Gas pipes, water faucets, and air conditioning lines are some typical installation locations. The rubber center part of the Quickflash panel grips and seals around the penetrating item (no need for caulking). Benefits include no caulk, no maintenance and resistance to moisture, air, and pest intrusion. This helps the home be less drafty and free from vermin. Awesome, right? At Visionary Homes, Quickflash is one of the many items we include in our homes to provide superior quality and benefits. If you have questions, just ask.

Quickflash AC