The House that Facebook Built- Selections Week 2- Upgrades

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Here are our upgrade options, We have $8000 to spend.

  • Paint Color Change: $150:

    Want to add an accent wall, or change the color in a bedroom. This option makes it possible. (Can be added more than once)

  • Garage Man door w/ 4′ window: $630:

    If you want to exit the garage without opening the garage door and add some natural light then this option is for you.

  • Fireplace: $3300:

    Cozy up by the fireplace on chilly winter nights, or just add ambiance with firelight. You can never go wrong with a fireplace, made complete with custom finish trim.

  • Stained Cabinets: $1000:

    If your perfect home has dark stained cabinets or if you want to accent the grooves of the cabinets with a glaze then this option what you need.

  • White Shaker Cabinets: $980:

    Everywhere you look you see the beautiful clean lines of white flat panel cabinetry. Although is definitely “current” it is also a timeless look.

  • Stainless Appliances: $265:

    This is a “wow” factor without adding too much to the bottom line. Always classic.

  • 50 gallon water heater: $90:

    Like long showers or hot bath? Have a house full of girls or a couple high school boys? Then this is a no brainer, nobody likes a cold shower!

  • Premium Laminate countertops: $245:

    Add a whole new dimension to your laminate countertops with the “Premium” level. This product looks so much like granite you will have to look twice the patterns and the edges are dead ringers for the much more expensive granite.

  • Separate tub shower in master: $2370:

    Upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom will always give you great resale value. This option gives you the best of both worlds. A soaker tub for luxury and a shower for utility.

  • Laminate wood floor: $1130:

    You won’t believe how far laminate has come. Get all the look of wood with the ease and durability of laminate. Wood floors add warmth and style to any room

  • Theme room walls: $300/each:

    A Designer home always has unique features, adding theme walls to your home is a great way to get architectural details and add loads of charm!

  • Camerist Kitchen Faucet: $130:

    Takes the basic average everyday and adds tons of charm to an area that is used every single day.

  • Ceiling Fans: $210/each:

    Useful year round a ceiling fan keeps the air circulating and fresh and we all like a little fresh air!

  • Granite: $2130:

    It’s naturally stunning and hard as a rock (actually it is a rock!) and will last the lifetime of your home.

  • Large Oval tub insert in master bath: $525:

    Get a luxury bath without a high price tag. This tub is big and wide and waiting for you after a hard day.

  • Cabinet Valance over kitchen sink: $275:

    This little option packs a big design punch. Placed over the kitchen sink it connects the cabinets on both sides and adds a “built-in” feature.

  • Enlongated toilets: $20/each:

    Nice for old men or potty training little boys This extra long bowl toilet will be a great addition for a few pennies on your mortgage.

  • Tile in master bath: $361:

    Take your master suite to a new level, upgrade the included vinyl flooring to durable and beautiful ceramic tile.

  • Tile in Entry: $209:

    One of the highest traffic areas in your home, entry tile would be a practical and beautiful addition.

  • 4′ bench w/shelf, hooks and beadboard back: $405:

    This little addition is not only a charming feature but a lifesaver, whether you are looking for a place to hang the kids backpacks or sit down and put on your shoes this built in option will become one of the favorite features of the home.