What Makes a House a Home?

what makes a house a home

A house is concrete, referring to “a building in which people live; residence for human beings” whereas a home can refer to a place, person, or even an abstract image in your mind. A home is so much more than a house, which is what guides our focus and motivation at Visionary Homes. 

When creating your family's dream home, there’s nothing more important than knowing what makes a house a home. This isn’t just any home, it’s YOUR home. It’s more than just brick and mortar, creating a home is making a space that is uniquely yours, that expresses you and how you want to live your life. And most importantly, it helps you bring family together creating memories that will be cherished forever. 

So how do you build your unique home in a world of so many houses? We have put together a survey to gain a better understanding of how we can create the best experience and design for your home, your community, and ultimately your life. Below is an article called “A home is more than brick and mortar…” published in St. George News by Andrew Pinckney which dives into what we do here at Visionary Homes and what drives us.

St George News Article


“A physical house may be constructed with wood and stone, but a “home” is created by people making memories and building their lives. 

At Visionary Homes, they understand what a home means to you – that it’s made of moments like families playing together, a child’s first step or a daughter’s wedding day. A home is made of happiness and love. Their website states they are experts at “creating and building an environment where these moments can happen.”

When people are ready to sit down to design their perfect home, they are ready to help at Visionary Homes. To start, their specialists will get to know you and your specific needs and desires and decide which house plan and options will best suit your lifestyle. Next their experts “set the stage” for their clients, walking them through the entire plan and contract procedures to the end – right until bank closing if needed.

From planning through construction, their ultimate mission is to make the entire process as easy as possible every step of the way.

They believe every home buyer deserves the highest quality effort, and they have value-engineered all their home plans with today’s families in mind. They’ve streamlined the building process and assembled the best design options available on the market. Their goal is to make your home unique and just for you.

Visionary Homes has been locally owned and operated in Utah since 2004, and they are proud to say they know what Utahns want in a home. But there’s always room to improve, and they want to give Utah residents a chance to have their opinion heard about new home construction.

As such, the company is currently conducting a survey to discover what is important to homeowners in their current community and home — from the amenities to the architectural styles and finishes. Survey participants’ preferences and opinions will help guide how Visionary Homes designs new homes and developments in the future.

The first 50 to participate online will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, and on completion of the survey, one lucky winner will receive a $500 Amazon gift card.

They are committed to creating the best experience for every homeowner. After all, Visionary Homes are “Built For Living — Built For You,” and they believe it is achievable with the community’s feedback and support. The survey can be found online here.

Whether you’re a current homeowner or future buyer, everyone is invited to weigh in on what type of home they can help create.

For more information, visit the Visionary Homes website.”

Written by ANDREW PINCKNEY, St. George News.