Why buy new?

Many homebuyers assume that when they decide to buy a home they will buy an existing home rather than working with a builder to build a new home. There are many reasons why buying a new home is a lot more practical than buying an existing home. Over the next few posts we’ll discuss the reasons why you should buy new.

The Choices

When you build a home there are many choices that are available to you that are not feasible when you buy an existing home. Things like floor plans, design selections and certain modern conveniences are not choices that you get to make when buying an existing home.

Floor plans-Visionary Homes has many floor plans to be able to choose from that fit your family, lifestyle and preferences. Working with one of our new home consultants, our clients will always find themselves with a floor plan that meets their needs.

Design Selections- When you buy a house that isn’t new, you have to live with or change all of the selections that the original owner chose. When you buy new your house will feel like home because you get to choose the design selections on the outside and inside that will make it feel like yours.

Modern Conveniences- There are many things available for new homes today that were not available or affordable options when homes were built even 10 years ago. By buying new, you have the option of including all of these new conveniences in your home!

Stay tuned for more reasons to buy new!