Worlds Most Unique Home Designs

upside down house

From France To Arizona

You pick the design, and leave the building to us. As home builders in Logan, Utah, we have fulfilled many requests for home designs, each one being unique in its own way. But there are some home builders across the world that take home design to be a little more abstract than we do here at Visionary Homes. We love taking a look at the brilliant design and architecture, and wanted to share some of the unique homes we found with you.

Bubble House — Tourettes-sur-Loup, France

The name of this house fits its appearance perfectly. This home looks as if there are bubbles floating up from the Mediterranean both inside and out. The home was designed in the 70’s by a Hungarian architect, Antti Lovag. Each room has specific design and lighting to mimic what it would be like to be inside a bubble. The oval windows of the home give the homeowner a unique view of the Mediterranean.

The Upside-Down House — Szymbark, Poland

The polish philanthropist, Daniel Czapiewski, built the upside down house as a metaphor for the communist movement and end of the world. Not only does the outside structure of the home appear to be upside down, but the interior of the home is designed upside down as well. It’s a challenge to walk through the home without getting dizzy and disoriented.

Hang Nga Villa — Dalat, Vietnam

This home looks like something out of The Lord of The Rings novel. There is a reason that it is nicknamed “The Crazy House.” The home is covered with odd decor including a giant eagle with red Christmas light eyes to represent the Americans.

While the home is no longer used for residential use, it is now used as a restaurant and receptionist office for a local hotel.

Eliphante & Hippodome — Cornville, Arizona

This unique home was created without a floorplan or any end goal in sight. Artist Michael Kahn and his wife Leda Livant built this home with materials that they found over a 28 year time period. Most of the home is made from rocks and scraps they found from construction sites. The two main buildings take up 3 acres of land. Eliphante got its name from the elephant like appearance of the entrance, while Hippodome appears as a hippo coming out of a lake.

We hope you enjoyed looking at the unique home designs from all over the world as much as we did! If you have any unique home designs that you would like to create in Logan, Utah, feel free to contact us!