Design Ideas

Feeling a little overwhelmed by trying to design and decorate your dream home? At Visionary Homes our goal is to help you create a home that is ‘Built for Living’ – a home made of more than just wood and concrete! Our homes are built for your family, and our design team and contractors are … Read more..

Power Outage Preparedness

With the summer months upon us, it’s only a matter of time till we face the dreaded summer power outages. There’s few things more disappointing than having a great night-in planned out only to have your power go out and to be left literally sitting in the dark. While outages may be inevitable, if you’re … Read more..

How to Plan your Landscape – Part 1

The landscape sometimes becomes the forgotten element of the home. But if you design your landscape with real thought and care, it can become one of the best parts of your living environment and even increase your home’s value. In this first half of our landscaping guide, we’ll cover how to evaluate your particular situation … Read more..

Worlds Most Unique Home Designs

From France To Arizona You pick the design, and leave the building to us. As home builders in Logan, Utah, we have fulfilled many requests for home designs, each one being unique in its own way. But there are some home builders across the world that take home design to be a little more abstract … Read more..

Best Home Hacks

From Decor to Organization As your trusted home builders in Logan, Utah, we understand that running a home is just as stressful as running a business. Only the work you do in your home doesn’t replenish your bank account. Sometimes it can feel as if the to-do-lists can be never ending. That’s why we have … Read more..

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