Designer Highlight: 10 Questions With Natalie B.

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Welcome back to our blog series, Designer Highlight, where we ask our designers 10 questions to get to know them! We hope you've been enjoying this series so far, as we almost come to an end! We've asked almost all of our designers over the last few months, but look forward to creating new posts including our designers expertise, so keep an eye out on our blog for more from our incredible design team! This week, we have Natalie B., one of our Design Assistants at Visionary! Find out more about Natalie below, from her five favorite things to her favorite trend in design right now.

A Bit About Natalie B.

Art classes were always my favorite growing up. I love art and finding different ways to express my creativity. Some of my favorite creative outlets are graphic design, photography, and interior design.


Highland, UT

Random Fact About You

I’m the youngest team member at the Design Studio! I graduated from high school in 2020 and am only 19! I am currently a freshman at USU.

5 of Your Favorite Things

  1. Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars
  2. True crime podcasts and documentaries
  3. Tik Tok
  4. Diet Coke
  5. Watching home videos with my family

1. Who in Your Life Inspires You the Most?

My parents because they are the best!

2. Best Part about Working at Visionary Homes?

My awesome coworkers!

3. Current Favorite Song?

Justin Bieber's new album 🙂

4. Guilty Pleasure?

I highly enjoy Disney Channel Original movies haha! Gotta love High School Musical!

5. Ideal Vacation?


6. Best Decor Advice You Can Give?

Adding theme walls is a fun way to get creative and add a unique touch to your home.

7. Worst Fad in Design?

Beachy decor (anchors, rope, seashells)

8. Favorite Trend in Design Right Now?

Black accents! Simple, classy, and bold!

9. Favorite Design Decor Style?

Scandinavian, Organic Modern

10. Top Designer You Follow?

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