Styling Series: How to Style Your Bedroom Similar to Our Greystone Model Home

how to, how to style master bedroom, master bedroom, decor tips
how to, how to style master bedroom, master bedroom, decor tips
how to, how to style master bedroom, master bedroom, decor tips

Continuing on with our style series on how to style your home similar to our model homes, we've picked the owner's bedroom in our Greystone model home within our Meadowbrook community located in Logan. This owner's bedroom exudes an industrial glam style which looks upscale and modern.

Do you ever struggle figuring out what new furniture or decor to add into your living space? Are you looking for a bit of change to your owner's suite? Browse below to get inspired by our Greystone model home owner's suite, as we've found similar products that you can shop. Pick a few, or all of them depending on if you're recreating your living space or simply mixing it up a bit.

A muted or dark comforter will complement the decor in your space well as it is a neutral. This makes it easier to update any decor in the room, whether that be the throw pillows, lamps, bed frame, or nightstands. You also can swap out your sheets in different colors of your choice before this comforter wears out.

Who would've guessed that Walmart would have a classic 5 drawer dresser? If you're wanting to change out the drawer handles for gold ones, easily find new ones online to replace them with as a little DIY project. This is an inexpensive find that you can update either by changing out the drawer handles or painting it a color of your choice. It'll look great paired next to the mirror and with simple decor on top, from jewelry dishes to trays with candles and books.

Gold brings glam into the room. Feature two of these table lamps on both sides of your bed to incorporate that glam vibe mixed with urban industrial. You can also do this by adding gold decor on the nightstands, dresser, or through artwork. We love the modern appeal this geometric lamp gives a bedroom, as the design makes it easy to showcase in a differently styled room as well.

A rustic wood bed frame will give your bedroom an urban industrial feel that pairs nicely with the modern glam look. The textured wood adds visual interest into the room, especially at the headboard, which will lead the eye up and around your bedroom, giving height.

The open design of this side table used as a nightstand on both sides of your bed, will keep the room from feeling anchored down by clunky or solid wood type nightstands, which can weigh down the room and prevent it from feeling modern. It will blend well with your industrial modern look, as it has a modern design and an industrial feel to it.

Having a full length floor mirror is ideal to any bedroom, as it makes getting ready so much easier than walking back and forth from you closet to your bathroom mirror. We especially love how it's nearby the dresser for ultimate convenience. A mirror like this will also help make the room appear bigger than it is. We highly recommend a floor mirror to any owner's suite.

The subtle hues in this painting match the decor and furniture of the room, so it doesn't stand out too much, but also adds a calming effect to the space. Having a canvas painting instead of framed art, also creates a soft blend from the wall to painting without any bold borders to disrupt. It looks beautiful in the corner of the room where a reading nook has been created.

Adding an accent chair to your space provides the perfect spot to read and relax. It also utilizes your space better by filling up the corner instead of leaving it empty. The light gray shade makes it easy to pair with pillows of your choice and the design looks flattering with the style of your bedroom.

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