4 Reasons People Are Moving to Utah

Reasons People Are Moving to Utah

Moving to a new state can be intimidating, it is a big change for most but many are seeking more adventure, lower cost of living, strong job markets and endless outdoor activities right in their hometown. New people, cultural habits, and seasonal surroundings may create culture shock for some but it’s not likely in Utah. Utah is a beautiful state boasting 360 degree mountain views, forests, lakes, rivers, and more! One thing more beautiful than the scenery of Utah is the kind-hearted and friendly people who live there. This is a fun and welcoming place for people of all ages, genders, and cultures. That’s just a short preview of what Utah has to offer, here are 5 reasons people are moving to Utah. 

Four Seasons of Recreation

4 Reasons People Are Moving to Utah

Yes that’s right, outdoor recreation options ALL year round. Most people know of Utah’s reputation for having the greatest snow on earth, but there's a lot more to do than just hitting the slopes during winter. Utah is home to some of the best ski resorts in the world but come spring and summer months there is also plenty to do. Hiking and biking are some of the most popular year round activities with a smorgasbord of trails to choose from but that’s not all. Cool down during the warm months in the rivers and freshwater reservoirs where you can boat, swim, raft, and soak up some sun. 

Entertainment & Shopping

4 Reasons People Are Moving to Utah

Most city dwellers would overlook Utah with their sights set on huge cities like Los Angeles and New York but what those people don’t know is that Utah is full of fun and unique social activities. Whether you are looking for the best shopping spots, foodie eats, or theatre and sports games, Salt Lake City has it all. City Creek and Gateway mall have stores ranging from designers clothes to home décor, did I mention you can break up shopping with great restaurants and firepits? You can! Get bored of shopping? Walk over to see a Utah Jazz game or Capitol Theatre to see a show. For the early morning crowd, Utah has a variety of great farmers markets all year round and coffee shops galore. Salt Lake City isn’t the only part of Utah that’s fun, head 30 minutes south and you are welcomed to a whole new platter of activities. Thanksgiving Point and the shops at Traverse Mountain offer great shopping spots as well as entertainment sites and restaurants. Have you always wanted to go paragliding or golf on a PGA acknowledged course? You can do both in one day in Utah!

Great Education

4 Reasons People Are Moving to Utah

One of the highlights that can’t be overlooked is the Utah school system. Utah offers some of the best schools in the nation, both public and private. Education institutions at every level offers top notch instructors and curriculums to it’s students. Utah Universities such as the University of Utah, BYU, UVU, and Utah State also offer incredible opportunities for high school graduates and future scholars to achieve quality, higher education. Looking at moving to Cache County? Check out this list of the top elementary, middle and high schools in Cache County

Growing Economy

4 Reasons People Are Moving to Utah

Utah is growing at a rapid rate leading to more job opportunities, forward progression, and a booming economy. Utah has become headquarters for major corporations across the globe, with more moving in every year. Businesses are attracted to Utah for a variety of reasons but a few key ones are the safe environment, healthy economy, and the affordable cost of living. With Utah’s economic growth comes a thriving job market offering it’s residents endless career opportunities. 

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