Building Your Dream Home: Step Four

There are so many things to think about when designing your dream home. We have broken it down into four easy steps that will help you know you’re getting exactly what you need. Follow us to make sure you’ll get to read all of them. If you missed step one, you can find it here,if you missed step two, you can find it here, and you can find step three here.


STEP FOUR: Knowing your finances

This may be the most troubling step in the whole process of designing a new home. It is imperative that you have a very clear picture of what price point is comfortable for you and make a goal to stick to your budget. Little things along the way may not seem like very much additional cost, but if you spend an additional $500 here and there, by the end of the building process, you could easily be $5,000 – $50,000 over budget. This makes living your dream more stressful and less enjoyable than you had anticipated.

When presented with a choice to upgrade in one area or another, try to ask yourself this one question, “Is this something that I could upgrade at some future date for minimal cost & trouble after getting full use of the lesser product now?” An example of this would be 8’ or 9’ ceilings: changing to 9’ ceilings after a home has been built and lived in is next to impossible. Yet, changing out laminate countertops after 5-10 years is fairly non-invasive & can be a small overall cost. Working through Steps One through Three will help you better know where your priorities lie and help you be confident in the decisions you are making.

Following this simple 4-step process will give you a great head-start on designing the perfect dream home for you and your family. Doing a little bit of homework in the beginning will create a much more smooth process and overall enjoyable experience. Good luck!