Designer Highlight: 10 Questions With Maddie O.

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Welcome back to our blog series, Designer Highlight, where we ask our designers 10 questions to get to know them! This week, we have Maddie O., one of our design assistants! Find out more about Maddie below, from a random fact about her to her favorite design trend.

A Bit About Maddie O.

Creativity has been the driving force of my life since I was young. I’ve helped friends and family design since I was young, so I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the Visionary Design Team and help clients professionally.


Meridian, Idaho

Random Fact About You

I’ve never been outside of the country, but I have a passport ready to go once the pandemic subsides. 😉

5 of Your Favorite Things

1. Max (My cute hubs)
2. Dogs
3. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
4. Running/Weight Lifting
5. Movies and popcorn

1. Who in Your Life Inspires You the Most?

My husband Max inspires me everyday with his selflessness, work ethic, and kindness.

2. Best Part about Working at Visionary Homes?

Problem solving with clients. It’s so fun to find creative ways to make their dreams a reality.

3. Current Favorite Song?

Following the Sun by SUPER-HI & Neeka

4. Guilty Pleasure?

Chewy Chips Ahoy & Ding Dongs

5. Ideal Vacation?

Anywhere with soft sandy beaches and the sun.

6. Best Decor Advice You Can Give?

Simple is powerful.

7. Worst Fad in Design?

Whimsical Wallpaper

8. Favorite Trend in Design Right Now?

Au Naturale - we love supporting our local artists and adding plant babies to the family!

9. Favorite Design Decor Style?


10. Top Designer You Follow?

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