Custom Home Interior Design

Buying furniture for a new home can seem like a daunting challenge. Deciding on the style, pieces, and expense you are willing to pay to furnish your home can seem overwhelming. If you have a two-year old prone to draw on anything, having a leather settee with a cherry coffee table will probably not work. Finding the best furniture to complement your life will help your new custom house feel more like a home.

Assembly,Types, & Quality

Cushions and general build can determine what quality level the furniture is. Cushions that are just foam are not good quality and will shift and lose shape over time. If the furniture is heavy and made with natural wood it will last longer that way. Color is important, while lighter colors calm a room they tend to get dirty quickly if not properly maintained and if a piece will be used more, darker colors fare better over time of wear and tear. If kids and pets are in the picture, stain resistant fabric can handle the daily situations of wear and tear. You don’t have to have shapeless unflattering pieces, but don’t buy it if it is not comfortable. Look at the legs of the furniture and see if they are screwed in not just simply glued, stapled or nailed. Check for springs to make sure they aren’t rubbing up against the frame. A sofa without springs will just be flimsy and wear out very soon. Wool and leather are strong and durable and a good investment when properly cared for, but can be very expensive. Don’t place leather furniture next to heat sources overtime it will cause them to dry and crack. Don’t place furniture in direct sunlight. This will cause the furniture to fade and look older.


It is important to know wood types, the difference between hard and soft wood. Hard wood comes from Deciduous trees and softwood comes from Coniferous trees. Softwood is a lot cheaper than hardwood and can tend to warp and bend over a short amount of time.


Consider the time you are buying, new furniture will usually hit the market in February and August so typically January and July are a good time to find a killer deal. During major holidays like 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Black Friday are also great times to get more deals. Salespeople will rave about the different features the furniture has double check the warranty make sure that all the details are in writing. If you decide to finance a piece of furniture make sure that you are able to pay if off completely in the given amount of time. Don’t forget to look and shop online. Sometimes stores can have exclusive deals for online purchases only. Garage sales can work for cheaper purchases, it just depends if your taste is similar to the person who is selling. Flea markets and furniture swaps can give you a jump start to DIY projects.


There are so many different websites, blogs, and Pinterest to help brainstorm ideas and compare the cost of the project. Repainting a chair or resurfacing a table top can make a huge difference in a simple way. When refurbishing items double check the finish so no bubbles or brush streaks are visible. Reupholstering old cushions can give a pop to a room that could be overlooked. Even just washing the cushion covers can make a big difference.
A good selection of furniture can make a house feel like a home. As Cache, Davis, and Weber county specialists in custom home design and building we are here to help your dream become a reality.