How to Maintain Carpet

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Many new homeowners ask us how to protect their new floors from dirt and damage, in particular their carpet. Vacuuming, spot cleaning, and preventing carpet stains are all excellent ways to clean, care, and maintain your carpet for many years. Steam cleaning is a great choice for the ultimate deep clean, removing allergens and trapped dirt. Whether you are investing in new carpet for your home and you are preparing to keep it as clean as possible, there are plenty of ways for you to get started.

Vacuum Regularly

A clean carpet begins with vacuuming regularly, according to the experts, we should be vacuuming our carpets every week. Use the crevice attachments to get dirt and dust from around the room. Vacuum the entire space horizontally, and then again vertically. The more times you run it over the surface, the more dirt it removes. Don’t let the bag get more than half full or it won’t work as efficiently. It’s also not a race. Vacuum slowly so it has the chance to pick up all the dirt embedded below the surface to the carpet. Finally, adjust the height, so it works just right for your floor.

Rugs for Style & Protection

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A rug placed on top of carpeting might seem a little excessive, but it is a great way to protect the carpet underneath. Those high foot traffic areas in your home take a beating on a daily basis. Consider laying down a decorative rug to prevent premature wear on your carpet.  Area rugs are a great way to brighten a room and display your unique style. They can also help you cover up a worn spot and prolong your need to install a new carpet. Heavier rugs are less likely to bunch and create tripping hazards. Using a carpet pad can also help keep your new rug in place.

Kick Your Shoes Off

Have you ever looked at the bottoms of your shoes after a stroll around your neighborhood? When we wear our shoes inside, we are bringing dirt and grime indoors. Any dirt trapped in the sole of your shoes will be ground into the fibers of your carpet. Your shoes can also be very abrasive and break down the surface. Furthermore, shoes pick up all sorts of different substances that you certainly don’t want stuck in your carpet.

Room Redesign

Carpets fill a room with warmth and comfort however we have all seen the marks left behind by the feet on a sofa. Consider moving your furniture periodically to prevent this damage. Rearranging a room takes time, effort and planning, but it protects your carpet from indentations that are impossible to remove. Rugs can also help with any major dents from heavy furniture.


In addition to being unsightly, those ripples in the carpet can limit the lifespan of the surface. Humidity, moving heavy furniture or even an incorrect installation can cause your carpet to buckle. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. In fact, it will only get worse over time and may lead to your carpet creasing. Properly installed and maintained carpet should not need stretching but if you notice ripples we recommend stretching it once. You should not have to stretch it more than once in it's lifetime, if that's the case it may be time to consider new carpet.

Stain Resistant Products

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No surface is truly stain resistant, but some products can aid in clean up should a mess occur. Some carpets are created to be stain resistant, but that factory protection diminishes over time, especially in high traffic areas.  There are also protectants, which can be applied to all carpets at any time. Carpet protectors like Scotchgard help prevent dirt and liquids from absorbing into the fibers as quickly and it can also prevent fading from sunlight. This is a good option to help you prevent long term damage to your carpet.

Manage Sun Exposure

Sunlight can do much more than just warm up your house including fading table tops, curtains and yes even your carpet. The carpet may be your favorite color, but those UV rays can cause it to fade in splotchy areas around your windows. Install curtains that block the sunlight during the morning and evening hours to protect the surface from direct light. You can also use window tinting that blocks any UV rays.

The Visionary Difference

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