Keeping Your Lawn Green in Utah

Summer has officially arrived which means more time spent outside with your family and pets! The soft squish of a vibrant green lawn between your toes is almost as good as the envious neighbors asking “what’s your secret?!” To make sure that you are doing the very best for your Utah lawn, keep these four things in mind:

  1. Pay attention to how often and how much you water 
  2. When you mow
  3. Keep the grass long 
  4. Fertilize early

Water Timing & Volume

With Utah’s high and fairly dry climate, the best method of watering your lawn is deeply and infrequently. By allowing your grass roots to grow deep you are improving your chances of having a luscious green lawn all summer. The way you do this is by watering wisely based on summer months. 


We recommend watering your grass about one inch every five days or one half an inch every three days.


We recommend watering your grass about three quarters of an inch every three days or one half an inch every two days

It’s important to use your best judgment when it comes to watering! Utah weather can be unpredictable which means unseasonably hot days earlier in summer or thunderstorms in the middle of July. If you aren’t sure just how much water is going into your grass here is an easy trick to measure it! Take a couple of old jars, cans, or cups you have around the house that are roughly the same size and place them around the yard. Turn the sprinklers on for ten minutes to see how much water is accumulated in each cup. This not only allows you to measure how much water is going into your grass but also shows you if your sprinklers need to be adjusted to even out the watering. 

Trim Wisely

Keeping your grass between two to three inches in height forms a protective barrier reducing water loss while enabling healthy and deep roots to grow! Cutting your grass too short or too often can damage it resulting in a dead lawn. 

Did you know that by allowing your grass to grow longer it can naturally prevent weeds from growing? The natural canopy created by longer grass prevents direct sunlight from hitting the ground, detering weeds from growing. This is not a foolproof plan but it is an added benefit to reduce the use of chemicals while cutting costs! If you do find yourself with a weed problem undeterred by grass height you will want to apply pre-emergent during early summer or a safe weed killer mid to late summer.

Cut High

So how often should you cut your grass in Utah? This will heavily depend on how quickly your grass is growing. The best way to keep your lawn green and healthy is to trim frequently with a sharp blade mowing no more than one third of the blade of grass. Mowing more than 1/3 of the grass blade length can send the grass into shock resulting in uneven growth or bare patches. Frequent trimming will result in greener grass from the fresh growth.

Grass Fertilizer

Fertilizer will help keep your lawn green, healthy and growing. You want to fertilize your lawn every 30 to 90 days. We recommend that you lay your first round of fertilizer around April or May to assist in the initial pre-summer root growth and your second treatment would be in July. Here are a few tips for fertilizing your lawn properly: 

  1. Best time to fertilize is a couple of days after a rainstorm (or deep soak the lawn to simulate a heavy rain)
  2. Apply the fertilizer evenly over the entire lawn
  3. After application, lightly water the lawn

Be careful not to over water after applying the fertilizer, the goal is to soak the mixture into the soil not wash it all away. It’s also important not to use too much fertilizer on your lawn, that can result in burning the lawn!

Your Homes Lawn

Now that you have all of the building blocks to create a green lawn you are prepared for summer! Summertime picnics with your family in the backyard are much more enjoyable on a comfortable lawn. If your family is looking to find the perfect house to call home or you are looking for tips to make your home more energy efficient please visit our blog page! Visionary Homes is dedicated to helping you create a space that your family can build memories in for a lifetime. If you would like help designing your home or considering something new don’t hesitate to connect with us at (435) 228-4702.