Time Saving

Many homebuyers assume that when they decide to buy a home they will buy an existing home rather than working with a builder to build a new home. There are many reasons why buying a new home is a lot more practical than buying an existing home. Over the next few posts we’ll discuss the reasons why you should buy new.

Time Saving


Save time on repairs. There are many things that can go wrong and to worry about when buying a home. Most people need to factor the price of repairs, repainting and a little bit of remodeling into their budget when purchasing an existing home. While most people consider this, they forget to consider budgeting their time to get these things done. Will they do it all before they move-in or will they do it after?

When you buy a new home with Visionary, we have a one-year warranty on everything in your home and a two-year warranty on all of the systems. You never have to budget your time for making “fixes.” Everything is already taken care of.

Many people will spend an average of 10 months searching for and purchasing an existing home that meets all of their needs. This is a very stressful time, especially if they don’t have a realtor or someone knowledgeable helping them to search and leading them through the home buying process.

At Visionary Homes, it takes us an average of seven months after signing a contract to have your home ready to move into. During this process, you are led step by step by our experienced team on how to get the brand new house that will be everything you were looking for.